On this Thanksgiving i would like to thank god for blessing me with the man who is simply amazing & I’m fortunate to have him in my life!


You’re the man whom I have ever wished for,

The man who has always been in my mind,the man who has always been in my heart.

The heart wants what it wants and god made it possible to let two of us meet.

I don’t believe in number of days I spent with you because the very first day with you made me realised that yes it’s you!

There is magic in your eyes,

There is care in your touch.

There is love in your voice,

There is home in your arms.

Everytime when I feel to be at home then you’re my home.

You are the one who inspire me to grow and who’s always there for me,I would say what else a woman wants?

You’re a blessing,

You’re magic

You’re life,you’re my home

You’re a prayer that has been carried in the bosom of a whisper I sent out to the universe.

Yes it’s you and will always be you!

-Arun Rathod Prakriti Dewan

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