Monday Manifestation (beta)

Today meditation was slightly challenging. I’ve been meditating for about five years and I never thought having numbness on my legs would be so distracting. I woke up from my meditation to google if numbness in your legs is ok. Which is silly because many great meditators ( who meditate longer ) I’m sure have the same numbness problems.

I’m going on a decision to probably cancel the adobe and just focus on what I cancel my adobe membership (which I just did) and going to find something more fugal to use my tools that I already have at home.

I created more opportunities thinking a different way. One way is to raise my vibration to a higher position and believing in myself that I have something to offer to the world which I do not know quite yet what that is specifically but in the same sense is to try to build a community of like minded people in the process of helping them through areas that they need to focus on which is for me is the mind, body, and spirit. Having that said is to the really put my time and attention to making sure my the priorities is fixated on that which is why I am getting my personal training certificate as well as getting my real estate license. I am excited to talk to Kristen in the sense if there are some tips and ideas how to get started here as well as if she is in any like power minds groups that I can participate in so that I can manifest my own like minded group reaching for the same goals in life. Which is provided security for my family (Charlotte and Jake) and build wealth and be stronger in my strength and health of this body.

It will be exciting to see how I can try something out for a month and to see what is going to happen. I will take this interview as another form of practice for myself and learning and growing for my own approach in real estate by having this interview with Brandy and revisiting their website to see what is needed in the effort to create the world from my perspective. Just like what Ram Dass had mention in the latest which I highly recommend.

I definitely want to dig deeper in my health because I can feel the difference when I hold the core and the body a certain way so therefore the results are showing. It’s easier for me to physically see it then the mind but I’m lately just want to attempt to keep on learning and growing each and everyday.

I am attracting wealth

I am attracting health

I am creating multiples revenue streams

I am sharing and caring more on social media

I am unique

I am loved

I am abundance

I am forgiving for myself and others



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