Happy New Year ! What Will Still Catch On

A Reminder To Keep Hustling in 2018 — In the Tech Changes

Alot of things has happened during 2017 in the landscape of connection economy a.k.a in this digital age. There’s a catchy names flying around and spreading like an ear-biscuit for us. Popular terms like Sharing Economy, Unicorn, Blockchain, Bitocin — all things that leveraging digital technology has spread like virus lately, including our social behavior. So what next? What could’ve been different or still catch-on or stay put in 2018?

Talking about what could be changed in this new year and what’s not, it reminds me into two of my most-favorite thought-leaders and entrepreneurs in this digital age. Marie Forleo and Gary Vaynerchuk are the perfect role-model that keep dragging us to reach our highest potential. They push us to put our thought into action, manifest our purpose and dream into something real.

Give More, Way More than We Ask — Marie’s lesson in Ontraport seminar. In this session we will be brought into the “knowing” that doing business that is driven by a vision that we believe in is proven to bring more profit and profound impact both to our brand and society. At this lesson, it felt like — eventually the purpose to create impact and make a difference is a key point to develop successful-sustainable business or organization in this particular age. So in short, Marie shows us that we need to give our value way more we expect in return.

Another lesson from different teacher, from Gary’s lecture session that I got from his book, Thank You Economy, we can derrived lesson-learnt about Caring first, Not Selling first. In this believe system, Thank-You economy is becoming the tools in building relationship to our customer or potential customer. While, if we associate it to our situation in this digital age, customer engagement is the new currency. I, myself is the evidence for Gary Vee’s concept of thank you economy. I buy his book because I’ve been watching his content and felt the value of the content while I don’t even drink his wine.

So, as the closure for our opening problem as well as our hypothesis. What’s going to change? Technology ? More like bitcoin into litecoin ? Of course technology will keep developing and changing towards something more sophisticated, however human nature will never change. We, the real human being, is basically will always wanting the same thing. Recognition, acknowledgemet and being appreciated is basically what we really want. To get to know that we matter and being heard about our thought and ideas.

And if we see businesses that succesfully uprising in this digital connection are the one that valuing the human nature. By success, I mean, got brand recognition and get the scale-up by revenue stream. Other than that, I put my belief that we are in a state of structural changes that bring us full-circle back into long ago into the time where people got empowered and becoming more aware of social situation — now people get smarter.

It’s only the tools of society that evolves but human will be the same — Thanks to digital.

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