What is School For? Joy of Learning Variable

I am a book junkie and story lover. I think that phrase would stick on me till the day I die. Besides a book junkie, I also someone who can’t stop learning. I am a person who vow to keep learning (investing knowledge) till I fade away. Sounds so cheesy but it just happened like that. It is hard to explain the reason why, all I know is, I just kinda love the process of myself from not knowing into get in the know and then do something that bring value for someone else. Only in that way, I feel fulfillment, complete.

Curious on someone else’s opinion about my life aspiration, I tried to be “naked” about me and my learning’s vow. The result was quite surprising, interesting to be exact. There were a lot of people, including my friends, colleague, that define education or learning process as nothing but a tool to generate another tool of exchange, called money, or it is a tool to enter some big factory called an office that is full of obedient worker.

Something more even shocking to me, that turned out it was the way most of the people think, including academic member. Without considering what really matters for them. Without accounting joy of learning as variable of development

As I said on the beginning of this article, I am a perpetual learner, I don’t see learning space, or learning process as something that stiff or terrifying. I thought that is just how we roll, I guessed that everyone sees it the same way. Well, imagine my surprise when people think that their education or learning process is sort of like a tools or requirement to fulfilled expectation of society. There is no joy of learning. And that process would stop right after people step out of their foot of school.

Facing that interesting fact, I am starting to wonder how could it possibly to be happened. My next finding bring me into some old answer. Fear. Some friends told me that, they want to go back to school after their undergraduate program so that they can get promoted and will have more money and less afraid to compare their life among others. Well, very practical answer but I am curious about what kind of program they want to follow and the answer is another surprise. They said, “Does not matter, as long as it got recognition than people will look up to me”.

I hope that anyone who reads my writing get my point. I did not see The Drive of Challenge from the answer of my people. Every one of them are moved by other people expectation to make sure that they are aligned, without taking a moment to reflect whether it is matters for them or not. There is no time for them to figure out what really matters for them, they are just don’t account this variable. But, I guessed that is not how should people think or act on this digital era.

There are a lot of transforming education nowadays that will serve our curiosity, sharpen up our creativity and then lead us into becoming a fulfilled human being that will serve more. I can have some back up from a lot of “Rock Star” nowadays like Seth Godin, Marie Forleo that speak upon new method of education or learning process and how we should not be afraid of being judged and not living our life based on other people’s expectation.

I said, that we, human being will always seek for a meaningful life. And yes, education can act as a tool to deliver us to reach into that point. But our learning space would become too narrow and we are closing another options to see life, if we define learning process (education) is just a something to fulfill other people expectation. And that my friend, would cost us expensively, because it is matters, valuable in our long run. As my another Guru, Gary Vee said, Nothing Valuable comes Fast.

I do believe there are a lot of people who cares about our education system, and I hope I can involve and contribute. Someday.

P.S : Enjoy my writing, and please leave your comment below to see how can I improve. And also please check out people who I mentioned above, they are really an innovation in current age.