CS2006: Curation Exercise by Cinta

  1. Existing Actions

Building love for these animals.

The current actions to help animal abuse lies in the procedures being implemented by various animal-help (both official and unofficial) organisations such as the SPCA, The Cat Welfare Society and Cats of Singapore.

These organisations actively post their photos via social media, Facebook most commonly, to spread the love for such animals- allowing us to see different sides of them, in the hopes of promoting volunteerism or adoption amongst viewers.

I choose Cats of Singapore as an example of current actions because it actively provides a ‘voice’ to these cats who are generally perceived to be passive, ‘unfriendly’ and ‘disloyal’. The special narratives associated with the posts not only brings the photos to life, the pictures are seperate stories that effectively appeal to the hearts of both Singaporeans who love such an animal and those who do not. It offers a new perspective to those who had previous pre-conceived notions of the animal (eg. due to bad experience when young).

Link: https://www.facebook.com/catsofsingapore?fref=ts

2. Call For Action- Adoption.

Building the idea of companionship.

This picture is both persuasive and heart-warming as an advertisement to convince Singaporeans to adopt a dog. According to an SPCA in 2011, they mentioned one vital measure to avoid violent, stray animals on the streets and at the same, avoid others from imposing harm on them- is to implement the adoption strategy.

The ad taps on pre-existing, familiar phrases that is grasped worldwide such as how ‘a dog is a man’s best friend’. The actualisation of this commonly used term in the visuals not only makes it more relatable but it makes it easier for the viewer to absorb this serious topic which is normally talked in hard facts by presenting in a seemingly, ‘light-hearted’ way.

The ad mainly uses elements of pathos- by reaching out to the viewer via emotions of sympathy. Most importantly, it taps on the inherent human nature for the need for companionship.

Here are other examples:

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