Effectiveness of Lasers for Dental Sealants

Cavities are disastrous, more specifically for kids. According to director of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cavities are “one of the most common chronic conditions among kids in this country”. There was a study published in US National Library of Medicine. This study revealed that cavities caused extreme dental pain in children. This pain resulted in missed school and, thus, poor performance. This study also elaborated the way good oral health can enhance the academic and extracurricular performance of a child.

Children are usually not quite good at brushing their teeth. Firstly, they would want to skip this practice. And even if they do, they do not brush the back teeth because they are hard to reach. The back teeth usually have anatomic pits and grooves that can become the breeding places for bacteria because food particles trapped in those pits are not easy to clean even if you manage to brush your back teeth. The presence of these pits and lack of brushing on those teeth usually result in development of tooth decay which later turns into cavities. To prevent such scenario, your child’s dentist may choose to cover the back teeth with a material which is commonly known as sealant. There are some conditions which the dentists look out for when it comes to covering the teeth using sealants. These conditions mainly include:

  • Previous history of cavities (it means that the teeth are vulnerable against tooth decay)
  • Deeper pits and fissures
  • Decay at early stage
  • Existence of plaque
  • Deficiencies in enamel
  • Continued orthodontic treatment

Good thing about sealant application is that this process is fairly quick and painless. It starts with the cleaning of teeth. Then the teeth, on which the sealant has to be applied, are dried. The area on which the sealant has to be applied is roughened up with the help of a specific conditioner which is acidic in nature. This roughening is necessary for the sealant to get hold of the surface. After the sealants are applied, a special curing light is used for the hardening of sealants.

For added effectiveness, the pediatric dentists use lasers. The benefit of incorporating laser into this process is that lasers have antibiotic properties. The laser beam can be used to kill the bacteria settled inside the pits. The tiny beam travels deep into the fissures and ensure proper elimination of bacteria that cause tooth decay and cavities. According to a study, use of laser as a conditioning agent can result in comparatively lower risk of fractures.

The laser treatment is beneficial for both children and adults. All you have to do is to visit the dentist and discuss different options.