Zapya v. SHAREit v. Xender: Which one is the Best?

The days of Bluetooth, USB, and mobile cables are coming to an end. Avid file sharers have known for some time that file sharing apps have been rising to prominence changing the future of file sharing. These apps have not only been boasting superior transferring speed but also provision of free services without mobile data and wireless network. This is the reason why these apps are being used globally. So far, so good: the field of file sharing has been upgraded for the benefit of all of us. But which apps should we use? There are quite a few competitors in the market and you may not have time to try each and every one of them. Hence, it would be useful to compare the top performers and examine their relative strengths and weaknesses.

A Three-Horse Race

Based on the extent of market penetration and the number of positive ratings, according to the alphabetical order, SHAREit, Xender and Zapya can be considered as the front runners in this market. They will be compared and contrasted on the important areas of file transferring speed, extra features and user experience.

Firstly, the file transferring speed is an important area to consider. All three apps mention that they can provide around 200 times faster file transfer speed compared to Bluetooth. However, trials reveal that there are some variances in speed within these three applications. In fact, there are already a number of Youtube users who uploaded videos comparing file transferring speeds of different apps. This Youtube user decided to see how long it takes to transfer a film to another mobile device. He compares Xender and Zapya.

The result was that Zapya was much faster. In the second video, he compares Zapya and SHAREit using the same method. In this trial, Zapya also came first, proving its reputation as one of the fastest file sharing apps.

Perhaps these video results may be skewed as they dealt with a big data file. Thus, I conducted a separate test myself transferring smaller apps or file such as a photo and a weather app under the same conditions. The result verified the videos as Zapya indeed was the fastest to transfer files to another device.

Yet, speed is not the only factor that determines how good an app is.

In this video, the apps are ranked based on a variety of criteria. SHAREit takes the first place followed by Zapya and then Xender. The importance of extra features and compatibility with other platforms and devices are highlighted. The reason Xender was placed third was because it did not provide PC support which is provided for the other two apps. It was a close call between Zapya and SHAREit but SHAREit had some extra features such as remote image streaming, PPT readability and a direct access to PC folders. This logic seems to be fair but it can be argued that many of Zapya’s extra features were overlooked in this video. Not only does Zapya provide multilingual services but it has many extra functions that are absent in the other two apps. Some of the most important include a mobile data free messaging app and a multiplayer game app. These are pointed out in this article which concludes that with a complete information, Zapya should be the leader in the field concerning extra features.

Finally, application interface is crucial in shaping user experience. This is a tricky field to evaluate since whether someone may or may not like a certain interface depends on his or her personal preference. In general, all of the three apps have clear instructions on how to transfer files and have clean layouts. Personally, I found that SHAREit interface was a bit too overbearing. The command buttons were too numerous and a bit too big. I quite liked Xender’s interface but then it was very similar to Zapya 3.0 version’s interface. Zapya has recently upgraded and released Zapya 4.0. One of the advantages of the new version is that the ‘Share’ button is more apparent. Before the upgrade the ‘Share’ button on Zapya was in the lower right hand corner. If you had a lot of apps, it took a while to spot the button and it felt a bit unbalanced. The new Share button is in the center. It is not only easier to find but you can also easily choose to select ‘Discover’ for contents or ‘Community’ for your friends on the respective sides. Hence, I would like to give Zapya an upper hand for an improved user experience.

In conclusion, all three apps are doing a great job in pioneering a new market. Some are a bit older than the others and may have more users in certain markets. The great thing is that these apps are helping many users around the world to transfer files with ease especially without reliable wifi and the competition may allow these applications to develop in a constructive manner. However, I would like to recommend Zapya as it scored the highest on all of the three important components of transfer speed, extra functions and user experience.

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