Worrisome entries in Nigeria’s proposed 2016 Budget (Part II)

Okay, I’m back for a short while. The Senate has passed the Appropriation 2016 bill through second reading and it is now with Senate Appropriation Committee to put their findings together over the next 3–4 weeks. I was a bit disappointed that so little attention was paid to the fine details but I guess there was too little time to dissect 1810 pages of financial information.

I will continue highlighting line items in the proposed budget as I did in the preceding post. Much of this is under Service Wide Vote. I’m guessing that means service-wide.

How can I have anything to say? 
It would be nice to know how many people are covered by the group life insurance policy though.

Compare with previous snapshot for former leaders. Nigeria is such a wonderful place to rule. And when you leave, you still earn so much more than everyone else.

IPPIS is the Payroll System now in use by government agencies. The question I’d like to ask the Accountant General’s office is whether this 5 billion naira is for software or hardware or connectivity or staffing or..

Another 5 billion for unnamed outsourced services. Where do we sign up please?

It seems some of the ex-militants have become “de-transformed”. Can we scrap this if the bad boys and girls don’t stop blowing up pipelines, please?

Yayyy!!! No more beggie beggie Police! Right?

If anyone can point me in the direction of further documentation about these Intervention programmes (especially as relates to implementation and financials), I would be grateful.

While I am grateful for the passage of the Freedom of Information act which makes it possible to request information about programs, I think the responsible thing for the Government to do is provide access to detailed information even without us having to prompt. And there should be a single source for the information that’s easy to use not a maze of camouflage.

What do all these things even mean? How are they tracked and reported? Are the intended beneficiaries even aware that programs like these are provided for?

If those that are to benefit are not aware, it gives room for foul-play.

Who are these local contractors? How come they were not covered by the previous budgets and supplementary budgets? Just asking.

Just another pointer to the fact that a lot is being spent to provide Internetworking infrastructure for organs of Government so there is no reason for us to be standing in long lines and hearing stories of network/server failure in the public sector.

You see why people need to stop fighting and destroying places of worship? It is costing more to fix those places than to provide us nuclear power!

Add another 1 billion naira to what we have penned down for the National Assembly

What does this even mean??? I understand that we are now calling them Sustainable Development Goals rather than Millennium Development Goals. Is the 1.1 billion naira to change letterheads and sign boards? Or what does “transition” entail which has not been covered by the 5.3 billion for “provision”

Hmmm…. I’m stumped.

Was that the intended effect?

I’ll be back later. Didn’t read the first part? Go here