THE DIGITAL MARKETING OPPORTUNITY FOR YOUR BUSINESS! [read to the end to see our special offer!]

In Nigeria today, there are millions of people on the internet, many of whom are your business potential customers, clients, partners etc. But the one way to get to them and millions more in the world at large is by building brand!

Does your business have a website/web-store? Social media pages? Better Branding, Logos and Design? A Good Content marketing game? These and many more are the basic requirements to thinking and growing a business like a big brand that most businesses in Nigeria aspire to be like.

Building Brand is greater than hiring a billion marketers or sales-people, because a good brand will always sell itself, due to the great nature of the business name.

It’s time to begin laying the basic frameworks for building your business in the digital space.


If you are a school, you should have a knowledge base website by now that can spin off into an online academy that is worth charging for in the long run.

For Hotels? You can have birthday selfies and photo shoot spots to boost customer visits.

As a business, you can run lead generation adverts to generate leads for your business online.

For Sports Companies? You can create training clubs and membership sites you can provide value and even charge customers one.

As a business, you can target specific audiences like Anniversary, Engaged, Birthday and many more custom audiences with great content that can build your brand and lead to the sale.

As a Food business, you can create meet-up spots built close to a cuisine area that can trigger extra food purchases during meet-ups.

For event locations, you can create well negotiated spaces for up and coming talent to be performing live and bringing in regular fans who would then buy things, take pictures and share on the internet to their friends, further boosting your business reach.

All the above and many more we can help you execute on!


We are DewspotMedia, and we help businesses out with their website and web presence creation, as well as social media management, digital advertising creations, and other marketing features that helps build the brand of the business.

There is always a strategy to get ahead of the competition and also stay ahead of your competitors. We can help you begin all of these with world class creative tools and suites starting at #30,000 Naira a month for websites, social media, digital advertising creations and marketing features all in one package.

Look at that amount more as an investment, than a cost in your business. This is the thought process of big brands! If you were to get one of the services each, some companies would definitely make you rob the bank just for a website management alone, so take this as an investment in your business brand.


To begin any of the above services we offer, you don’t even have to commit to any payments first, as we are first going to give you a FREE Business Audit, containing our best digital marketing strategies for you to review, see the potential of your business growth with it, and then make payments to begin execution.

It’s simple! You sign up for a FREE business audit, we prepare the audit and pitch it to you, then you partner up with us and make payments to begin restructuring or taking your business digital game to the next level once interested.

Sign up now to receive your AUDIT, see how good we are and get ready to partner up with us! Click HERE to sign up!

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