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Most days I wake up feeling like I have the motivation and energy to build and grow my business, and handle the myriad of challenges that come with it.

Some days I wake up and couldn’t feel more different from the productive, energetic, grinding person I am. …

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I wrote this journal entry to myself a couple weeks ago. I decided I wanted to share it, and hopefully you find it as beneficial reading it as I did writing it.

Today is Friday. And just like every Friday, I always am in a better mood than any other…

Ending the year with juggling client’s requests of the new year launch dates, the holidays interfering with timelines, and rush turnarounds, it’s undoubtedly going to lead one straight to burn out.

The outlook that you have on the new year reflects where you are personally and mentally. …

This is the process of how we ideated, designed & produced a promotional giveaway for a speaking engagement.

It’s always difficult to design for your own company. But thanks to deadlines, sometimes we’re forced to make final decisions to complete the project. With having an upcoming speaking engagement, this is our process and approach to creating a leave-behind for our attendees.

Focus on utility.

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