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Shark Tank has become my binge show. When I need to unplug from daily tasks, I flip on Hulu TV and have all 10 seasons available. For those that aren’t familiar, Shark Tank is a reality show set in what feels like a high-class conference room. Promising entrepreneurial-types come to present their business or product ideas to a group of 5 to 6 investors, hoping to exchange equity for funding. The investors, the Sharks of the shark tank, include multi-millionaire and billionaire tycoons such as Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, and Kevin O’Leary. It’s a subject that is able to be successfully dramatized as people’s lives change because they came up with a real business idea, or they’re sliced and diced in front of millions of viewers, crushing their dreams. …

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As design firms, and even freelancers, working directly with clients to help them solve business problems with creative insight is the end goal. We sometimes judge our business success off having these types of relationships. Partnering with a larger agency or firm to assist with their clients is another great way to increase your business’s revenue & portfolio of work. It’s important that when considering to partner your business with a larger agency that you see and treat them as another client, and not as an employer. Today’s post discusses four focus points when engaging your business with another agency.

  1. Learn Your Role on the Team
    Understand how your business will fit into the agencies’ established teams. …

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Most days I wake up feeling like I have the motivation and energy to build and grow my business, and handle the myriad of challenges that come with it.

Some days I wake up and couldn’t feel more different from the productive, energetic, grinding person I am. These days have me feeling limited in my interest to push the limits and handle what I have to do to be “productive.”

Being a solopreneur means that you are personally responsible for everything. After all the work, business development, accounting & other daily tasks are done, you have to find your motivation.

Today is one of those motivating days for me (resulting in this post.) …


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