Callisto Network updates (24 Sep. 2018)

In general, you can read the latest changes of Callisto Network here.

I would like to add a few words and express my position on the recent events. In recent times, some circumstances, such as my health problems or the research of alternative platforms (mostly EOS) have occupied a significant part of my time. On the other hand, if Callisto aims to remain a security platform capable of solving actual problems, it is always necessary to constantly research alternative projects, their architecture, and their vulnerabilities.

In addition, my recent absence in the team caused a lot of questions in the community. However, at the time of my absence, all actual issues were already addressed. The Department of Security (solidity) — formed; Experimental Cold Staking protocol — developed; The development process - established; HitBTC situation did not require my direct involvement.

Our bottleneck in the development of Callisto project at that time and now is the problem of liquidity. The ability to pay for the services of auditors, expand the team and allocate funds for certain needs is the determining factor for the continued existence of the project. Without sufficient liquidity, we will not be able to hire qualified specialists (including security auditors) and we will not be able to expand the influence of Callisto to other platforms, so Callisto will not be able to fulfill its main mission. My desire to remain anonymous also proved incompatible with my CEO role of Callisto. It is necessary to have a legal company to get CLO listed at more exchanges (thus resolve the issue of liquidity).

As the result, I’m resigning from my CEO role at Callisto. I will lead the security department and engage in research of alternative technologies to guide the development of Callisto Network project in the right direction in the future.

Honestly, I never wanted to be a “CEO”. Someone should have been guiding the project during the early stage while there were only three of us (me, Yohan and Carlos) and this was the only reason for me to accept this role. I would be happy to focus on the technical aspects of the project and security issues as this is what I was willing to do since the very beginning.

I would also like to thank the team members of the 2miners pool for their efforts in regards to Callisto Network development. Apparently, their visions do not match the original fundamentals of Callisto Network therefore, we decided to break apart.

At the moment I am working on Cold Staking protocol and its further implementation details are under consideration.