DigitalOcean Promo Coupon Code $35 / $100 1 Year Free Trial

DigitalOcean Promo Codes

When it comes to VPS service, without a doubt DigitalOcean stands at number one position for VPS provider and it is loved by many developers around the world including myself.

Whether you are signing up for DO for personal use or for test purposes you should not forget to use this guide to save some bucks and get few DO credits for your first signup.

In this guide, I will tell you about the following three methods to get DO credits:

1) Get $35 / $25 / $20 / $10 free DigitalOcean Credit.

2) Get DigitalOcean 1 Year Free Trial.

3) Get $100 Credit For 60 Days. [$100 Free Credits]

Steps To Get Your First Free Credit

1. First, open this link and Sign Up to get your $10 credit.
2. While filling your billing info, click on “Have a Promo Code?” at the bottom of the page.
3. Enter any one of the below codes to get extra credit:

- CodeAnywhere10
- DO10
- WP10

From the 1st step you will get your first $10 credit and by using additional promo codes you can get up to $35 of total credits.

Note: Some codes only give more credit on higher plans.

Note: If your code doesn’t work then open a ticket and your problem should be solved.

Steps To Get 1 Year Free Trial

1. Open this link and SignUp for Student Developer Pack.
2. After you complete the SignUp process you will get a promo code.
3. Use that code while signing up for DigitalOcean to get your $50 credit.