This is has launched for Early Access trading on
Thursday, September 12th at 14:00 UTC .

We developed with the ambition of creating the best possible crypto trading experience: a liquid, advanced and uncompromisingly secure exchange.

Having closely followed, listened and experienced the evolution of crypto trading for the past couple of years, we couldn’t be more thrilled to show what we have been working on — this is!

I. Performant

Seamlessly connect, deposit and trade. Our interface is designed for intuitive trading from the first time on, making performant and accessible whether you are an expert trader or just getting started with a DEX.

Post, edit and cancel orders for free.

II. Secure

Leaving your funds in control of a centralised exchange creates a single point of failure, putting all users’ assets at risk. Decentralising the custody of funds is the only way to go!

When you deposit on you are transferring funds into an audited, Ethereum smart contract so your crypto is safe and always under your control. Only your address, that originally made the deposit, can withdraw the funds from the smart contract or enter a trade.

III. Flexible

Elevating DEXs’ usability to a new level, our unique Delegated Signing Keys let you create a trustless Trading Login with password and 2FA so you can place orders on any device and in any browser, managing the funds from your existing wallet.

Creating a Trading Login and logging in

IV. Liquid

On top of our own liquidity, also integrates other decentralized liquidity pools (Kyber, Uniswap, Eth2Dai, Bancor) so you always trade at the best price available.

At launch this is the list of utility tokens that you will be able to trade:

Let us know if we should consider adding any other utility token.

V. Advanced

With advanced order types like fiat-pegged, stop-limit, hidden and fill-or-kill orders, offers you control and granularity so you can trade like a pro and let the orders do the work for you.

Instantly edit all your orders within the signed allowance without re-signing.

Trading 1 MKR for ETH at a fiat-pegged rate of 416 dollars (~2.3 ETH). The rate will adjust up to the specified limit of 2.5 ETH.

VI. Powerful APIs offers advanced, real-time WebSocket APIs which gives you more control than any other DEX.

Thanks to proprietary Delegated Signing Key technology, API integrations are as straight forward as you can imagine.

Placing a limit order with our Javascript library

These are just some of the many features that we have worked on, come and try them out at — trade now!

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We bring the convenience of a centralized exchange into the decentralized world.

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