Metaverse is a public blockchain platform that provides users with the ability to create and digitize assets. Although the Metaverse is at the center of the financial ecosystem, it is a self-sustaining ecosystem that relies on its unique ecosystem to create a global financial system.

The concept of metaverse is a concept that was first introduced by science fiction writers. This idea has been explored and even made into cinematography in many novels, including the series Snow Crash, Neuromancer, Ready Player One, and The Matrix. Although metaverse is not a new concept, interest in metaverse platforms has increased tremendously as Facebook entered this market and created excitement and expectation in the crypto field.

In fact, to summarize briefly, Metaverse is a new augmented reality experience where we can meet virtually and explore realms beyond the control of the physical world. These universes provide their users with the opportunity to enjoy a truly immersive experience while simultaneously collaborating and interacting with others. Although games are the focus of today’s metaverse; They can also host many more options such as e-shops, workplaces, investment areas, festivals and events. However, a truly advanced metaverse can allow us to do almost anything we want, including doing day-to-day chores like working and playing, interacting with people around the world.

The most important trick in a Metaverse platform is unique tokens and cryptocurrencies. Unique tokens, also called NFTs, are digital assets. People can use NFTs to buy and sell virtual property and artwork, travel virtually, or attend virtual festivals and events. Cryptocurrencies are primarily used to finance the virtual world platform of the respective cryptocurrency.

How Does Metaverse Work

Metaverse cryptocurrencies are a type of cryptocurrency that funds a metaverse platform, and its working system takes place with these components. They can include blockchain fees, node rewards, staking, and other standard cryptocurrency features. These are primarily used in the process of creating the platform of the respective cryptocurrency.

Although companies and businesses can use and interact with the metaverse like everyone else, the metaverse is never owned by a single person or legal entity, and the management of the metaverse is not in the hands of a single regulatory agency. Instead, the metaverse is organized using blockchain technology, which guards against fraud and provides built-in protection against security threats. Monetary transactions can be carried out using crypto currency networks such as Bitcoin (BTC) or Ether (ETH).

Blockchain and Metaverse

As we mentioned above, both the Internet and cryptocurrency networks use a distributed system. This means that anyone who accesses or owns the network owns the network. Blockchain technology is a type of computer network based database. In this technology, information is verified and added to the blockchain, creating an immutable record of transactions and data. While blockchain technology is the mainstay of the crypto world, other pillars are emerging, such as the metaverse. On the Metaverse blockchain, instead of having a digital version of you living in someone else’s database, you can create your own digital version. It is yours hand to own and control. You can easily access, use, import or export everything without the interference of third parties. You can have full autonomy over your own experiences and use various technologies such as virtual, augmented, mixed or augmented reality to create the best possible interactions without the limitations of the physical environment.

Additionally, unique non-modifiable entities — NFTs — are also a crucial component to the Metaverse. NFTs represent intangibles such as collectibles, images, videos, and other virtual properties for the game. NFT ownership is recorded on the blockchain. At the same time, NFTs have smart contract features that make it easy to trade and grant access at will. This makes them ideal not only for those invited to your space, but also for inviting attendees to events such as festivals and events.

Based on all that we have told, we, as DEXGame, have created a new generation metaverse for the game ecosystem. In short, DEXGame is an Ethereum blockchain-based metaverse platform for every user and game industry stakeholders who spend time in the gaming world. In this metaverse we have created, by highlighting multiple user experiences such as creating a success story, sociability and collectivity, creating digital asset collections, etc., this virtual game is in the world Game Arena, Player-Team Tokens Exchange, IDO Platform, NFT Galleries, Investment Centers, Game Studios, We have made it our goal to host Game Houses, Game Equipment and Computer Hardware Stores and other components of the gaming ecosystem.

And finally, with this structure of the DEXGame Metaverse Ecosystem that we have created, we have created a “social playground” that allows users and stakeholders in the metaverse to interact with each other. If you want to be one of our metaverse stakeholders and explore this universe with us, we are waiting for you on our Telegram channel and Discord server! For more information about the project;



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