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Token vesting has become one of the most talked-about projects. The concept of Token Vesting was born to prevent classic “rug pulls” when Liquidity Locker only allows locking LP tokens and single tokens hasn’t been particularly affected by time-locked.

How does TOKEN VESTING work? Token Vesting is the process that the tokens will gain access to lock n amount of token for x amount of time as a commitment to hold the token.

What makes token vesting unique? Token Vesting maintains a transparent token vesting schedule with lock-up proof, the lock-up management, and the un-lock process. Community trust is the top priority of the project and that could help the project to grow stably.

What can be done with vested tokens? No intervention until the unlocking date. Smart contract is running the lock-up process smoothly.

We are focused on building DEXGO Token Vesting that inspire and enable you to explore a new way to bootstrap your project efficiently! Keep in touch to get the latest update.

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