Types of Data Science-inspired Job Opportunities

Do you like playing with numbers? Or solving Sudoku puzzle is your favorite hobby?

Or are you fascinated by the way businesses use data to hatch crucial decisions?

Yes? Wow, then we’ve got you tight! A career in the budding field of data science is just crafted for you! Not necessarily you have to be a data scientist, because here we’ve whittled down a few top career choices, including data scientist for number-hungry blokes like you:

Data Scientist

Let’s begin with the obvious, data scientists — tagged as hottest job of this century, the prospects of this career choice is absolutely flattering. No doubt, this field is witnessing an exponential growth — IBM recently predicted that the demand for data scientists will surge by 28% within 2020. So, those who are still in two minds about making this career their bread and butter, listen up — don’t delay to become a fetching data scientist. You guys will surely bathe in perks and of course a fat 6-figure salary!

If interested, kindly peruse over our Python data science course: the course is crafted as per industry requirements and is being conducted by seasoned consultants.


The job profile of a statistician may sound somber and not many people show interest in becoming an ultra-serious statistician. But, if you are a data freak, the role of statistician is just tailor-made for you. These guys crack the toughest problem in a flick of an eye.

Moreover, we all know a statistician’s love for numbers, and the range of projects on which they are keen to work is versatile.

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