On Your Way to the Camps, I Just Want You to Know…
Aaron Loeb

Please let these micro-fictions remain fiction.

Please, oh please. Don’t let hatred win, don’t let xenophobia win, don’t let fear win. The conservatives I know are heartbroken because Trump is not their candidate — they don’t know how we got here. But I’m on a coast where the conservatives I know are fiscal conservatives and deeply ashamed of Trump — and the support for Trump is not fiscal conservatism, but it is deeply rooted in racism, misogyny, hatred, and mostly fear — fear of those who are not white, fear of those who are not Christian (or who don’t pretend to be at any rate — as how Christian is it, really, not to welcome the stranger into your midst?), fear of those who would take your jobs (note — they’re not), fear of losing the small power you have.

Please don’t vote for Trump. Vote for Hillary.

Please vote for the candidate who MUST win. Because anything else is unthinkable.