Day 8

Not going to BS but getting back into the swing after two days off was rough. I only got half a project done in the JavaScript in 30 and I only applied to one job. It really didn’t help that I applied to so many that they were all starting to look the same even after the weekend. I might let a queue get built up before I go on a huge applying rampage.

I did have an interview today at the current company that I am at for a different role but to be honest I don’t think that I will take it as it would just put me in the same spot that I am right now of selling gear and bartering with people over prices. I do know that this is something that happens at all levels of business but doing it for small prices gets tedious and wears hard on the soul. I have done that for long enough that I know that I do not want to pursue that any further.

While it was good to get out and get my interview jitters out with an interview that I was not expecting to get an offer from, I am still nervous about the one coming up. It is with a large company that does have a great history regarding employees, and I would enjoy the chance to grow at a place like that. I have mentioned them in an earlier post (which I mislabeled as “Day 5 and 6”) but rather keep the name down as I do not want to seem desperate.

While the training is keeping the sword sharp regards to javascript, I think it may be time to present at a meetup again. I am in need of building my confidence in front of people that I do not know as I tend to horribly ramble on when I am in a situation that I am not comfortable with. I have found that doing these presentations has taught me to believe in what I am teaching and to keep calm. If anyone out there has no problem with being in front of large crowds at any point please hit me up with what you do to keep the peace in your head!

Song of the Night — “Dog Days are Over” Florence and the Machine