Feb 24

I know that this might be pushing the time frame of prep work as the class ha technically started but I think that using this flight back to properly communicate what the prep work was for. With honesty being something that is needed it did feel like the videos that I watched on the class and what was needed to succeed at a coding boot camp felt more like hype videos rather than informational tools. I am glad that I watched them thou as they did ease many of the questions that I was asking myself many a nights before enrolling in the class. The Readings, more listed on why we should document this journey, and I believe in that whole heartedly as having the ability to look at both the good and the bad to understand the journey to there and how to stay at a top level or get back to that area, is a needed tool to succeed that is a forgotten art. While I tend to journal only in the worst of times as it becomes a great outlet to express my frustrations and fears, I tend to lax during the good times. The single quote that stuck a cord with me and really inspired me to right my ship was “Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing about”. The reason it stuck a cord is with the availability of the internet to a large quantity of people the message has been diluted and many times I have tried to write for a blog in the past I have been discouraged by the lack of engagement. The writings and most of the videos where meant to inspire to say that the message isn’t always the end all of blogging. The art of sharping a tool is not by perfecting it once but by doing it so ofter that doing it wrong is something that you can not do any longer..

To be honest, I have been terrified of this class as I was to succeed and be the epic programmer that I have the skills to be. Starting something new is never easy and becomes much more difficult with no prior knowledge to what I am getting myself into. What makes this different than many of my past endeavors is that I do all the research and prewired but ultimately fade out. I do know that this is different for the main reason that I have been looking for something that inspires me to write about what I am doing or have someone else write about what I am doing.

I happened to have a pre day as I was missing the official first day and to be honest. .git scares the living pants off of me. A million different commands that have come at me in a different language with little sleep was not the best start. I still knew that this was going to be a journey that will finally give some definition to the path that I have been aimlessly wandering the last few years .

The biggest thing that all that I am taking from these lesson is that my voice is important, my experiences and skills are going to add to the dialogue to make the internet a great tool for everything. But to be the best voice is to also listen and learn from the voices that have been in the same problems that you have dest with as well.

Last thing is to stop being perfect and just put it all out there and let the learning and failing begin!

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