Keep It Simple Stupid

It might be the best advice that you ever receive at anytime in life. When it comes to working with code and the computer it takes a ridiculous amount of patience to understand the simple truth in that statement. I spent many hours trying to build something that I was in no way ready to even come close to achieving, and I spent many a countless hours wondering why my code would not work.

The old statement of learning to walk before you can run, is a practice that I need to follow everyday when working with code. While I will one day be able to do what I saw in my head, I do not have the knowledge or skills to get all of the pieces of the puzzle together at this time.

I am not happy with what I put in, but I made it from scratch all with what I have learned in the last week and got it on the web. I do not know where the others in the cohort are but I am excited to see what they have achieved as well.