Pair Programming

I know that both of these post have come at the wee hours and one right after another, but with the first set of items that we had to look into, I think that writing in the dark is going to be something that I need to do to not only succeed but thrive.

Pair programming is the idea that two minds can change more than one. Having attempted to be a scribe for many years I can attest this. Coding appears to be a field that you can get trapped in ones own little world and spend enough time in there, and the common mistakes that would appear, disappear.

Pari programming isn’t about conquering more code rather that putting the best out there and the back and forth that happens during these sessions causes better, lighter work to come out at a better pace.

I’m beginning to see that this entire course is not about what I take from the classroom, but how I use it on the outside to make everything better with everyone. The goal is not to hobbit up and keep the knowledge to myself but spread the word and learn and teach with every moment to update everything to make it run better at a faster pace. In this live 20 seconds from now world, it will be nice to have partners that are willing to be there to improve everything and the idea that giving back will only improve the expierence.