Day IV: For Andela

Learn! So simple a word… yet we may not grasp exactly what it is. The moment you say you have learnt a concept is when you can describe it in the simplest of terms or form.

During the morning activities: soft skills. I learnt that we must always be attentive and always be on the lookout for things around you, so that you may not be caught off guard. This can be applied in a company setting, where we need to focus and be attentive. There is also the need to prioritize our tasks, and for every task you send out, make sure there is a follow up in order to ensure that the task was received. Being aware of your surrounding makes one know about what is going on in the company.

Andela day four has been intuitive. Today Godson took us through objects. , I like the way that he twists things up to make it real interesting, and at the same time introduces different concepts that still describe the same thing. We learnt on testing programs. Finding answers to solutions: reversing strings, finding vowels in a string. I also learnt about the difference of return and console.log.

Sometimes understanding a concept takes time. But our trainers are good., they ensure that no one is left behind. Andela encourages guys to ask questions no matter how stupid you may think your questions are. Through this (asking of questions, and getting clarifications), I eventually get to learn more.

I have grown a whole load more with Andela. How to fit perfectly in a team, to participate, to go beyond your comfort zone, to indulge others in what you are doing.