Trade Stellar assets with your Keybase wallet using nicetrade

Dec 21, 2019 · 2 min read

Happy holidays everyone! As the developer of nicetrade, I like to try new things. Keybase recently added support for SEP-7, which is a Stellar protocol for delegated signing. Keybase has a great wallet, and we thought it would be fun to see if we could use it trade Stellar assets.

And after some experimentation and development, we have now have an updated version of nicetrade with enhanced support for Keybase. You can now use nicetrade to trade securely using your Keybase wallet without giving us your private key!

  1. Login to nicetrade with your Keybase username

2. Craft your Order
Here, we’re looking to buy $1 USD at market price (at the time). Click Create Offer and it should bring up CosmicLink

3. Click the Goto SEP-7 wallet button in CosmicLink
This should bring up Keybase as your SEP-7 handler, which will prompt you to sign the transaction.

4. Sign the transaction in Keybase

Special thanks to MisterTicot, the passionate creator of CosmicLink for helping to make this integration possible!

Please note: SEP-7 support on Keybase is relatively new, and nicetrade is just an infant. But we like trying out new things. This integration has been tested with the latest Keybase client on MacOS and Android. We’ve seen cases where the Windows Keybase client is not reacting to the SEP-7 URL. SEP-10 login to nicetrade is currently not supported with Keybase with its current implementation SEP-7.

If you have questions, please reach me at dexter0x8 on Keybase. Or via the nicetrade team on Keybase.

P.S. We are contending for a nomination spot in this round’s Stellar Community Fund (SCF). We think Stellar’s distributed exchange will be a huge part of its success, and our goal is to encourage people to make full usage of Stellar’s assets. If you like that, please consider voting for us!


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