The Sweater Guys Opportunities

It’s all hands on deck.

My name is Dexter, I run Creative and Dev here at The Sweater Guys. It’s a tech startup that makes the best freaking custom printed sweaters on the planet.

We started it in our dorm rooms with no money, no experience and no plan, just an obsession with sweaters and ambitions of building something so big that one day we would be the ones testifying in front of congress about billion dollar acquisitions 😂.

We are in the mid-late stage of building a super new, super secret, super exciting platform and we need all hands on deck! As a result, we are opening a few last minute positions and we want you to join our team!

Check out the specs and email me at with your resume to setup an interview. We need to move quickly so all interviews will be this week!

About Us


  • 1 month trial period (extended after first month)
  • Starts Monday, August 10
  • All positions are paid (it’s not Google money and we don’t have waterslides, but it’s something)
  • Remote
  • Full time


  • Manage frontend project in React + Apollo
  • Manage GraphQL backend project built in NodeJS and SQL
  • Configure CI/CD, testing and deployment for FE and BE projects
  • Oversee design system architecture
  • Build business logic and API’s in GraphQL and NodeJS
  • Crush Asana cards
  • Manage and grow social media
  • Collaborate on marketing campaigns and advertising

Some Notes

Working at The Sweater Guys is very time intensive and challenging. Lot’s of coffee, tough deadlines, and a bunch of self-deprecating late night humour. But you have an opportunity to contribute in a way that is tangible and rewarding.

If you are interested in applying, we will be doing an accelerated interview process this week. Send an email to

And if you read this whole thing and are either ineligible or unavailable but still want to get involved:

  • First of all Much Love 💙 you’re awesome
  • Check out our socials to stay in touch with whats happening:
    IG | FB | LI
  • Send an email to with the subject line: Keep Me In Mind and we’ll let you know when more opportunities come up.


  • Dex