2 Cool 2 Be 4gotten | Movie Review (Sort of)

(L-R) Khalil Ramos as Felix, Jameson Blake as Maxim, Ethan Salvador as Magnus

Well, at first I thought it’s just some coming-of-age movie about cheesy-friendship story but I was wrong. The plot was comprehensive yet unimaginably dark. I felt the isolation of Felix, his excitement of diverging from his usual path and the cares he put to the people he treasured. There’s so much nostalgia of innocent and free spirited high school life.

It’s dark twist came in the middle of a casual conversation but as the story goes by, the tension with its certainty rises. The climax suffice the eerie tone of the movements while it ends with subtle, melancholic message of what it really felt to lose someone whom you value. Kudos to Petersen and Laxamana.

Khalil Ramos is a fantastic choice for the lead role. He’s made for the role. His good boy image is perfect for the introverted, anti-social personality of Felix. Jameson Blake is full of potential with his smirks and haunting eyes. Considering that it’s his first movie ever, he took the Best Supporting Actor award with a bang. Ethan Salvador is a surprise. He surpassed expectations for his role as a kind yet emotional teenage boy. With low profiles, these young actors’ performances were astoundingly unforgettable.

Adding up to their belt is an award for Best Cinematography. The insidious thrill is hidden between eye candies — Pampanga in Lahar floods in the background, slow-motions in the grasslands, party lights, fire lights and shadows, dream scenes and shots of the open sea. Wow! Well deserved.

“Sentimentality and sociopathy strike a delicate balance in the exquisitely rendered romance involving two brothers and a nerd. Lit, written, acted, and directed with equal parts lushness and restraint, cinema one originals 2016’s best film is sexy, serene, and memorable.” Jury Citation for Cinema One Originals 2016’ Best Film — 2 Cool 2 Be 4gotten

Truly, film-making is about mastery of capturing the depth of one’s silence; the reason behind every blank face and exploring the bold, wild fantasies hidden in our head. This film capture all of these inside a seemingly ordinary clingy story of friendship. Who would have thought, right? 2 Cool 2 Be 4gotten earned 4.5/5.

Credits to Cinema One Originals
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