I’m Drunk. I Love You | Movie Review (Sort of)

In this modern classic by JP Habac, I was brought with the realization that we all are very thirsty in love and even in the idea of it. Thirsty enough to settle for anything just to experience it or the idea of it. This movie played beautifully with my emotions. A roller coaster ride that tends to go down but not too deep. The simple plot of friendzone became a platform for a hipster ride. Existential questions about taking risks, uncertainty, purpose and rejections were afloat while there are lots of drinking and gibberish speeches. This is a big shout out to the third world millennials and bagnet lovers.

Humorous and hysterical, Maja Salvador is really talented. There are moments where I felt she’s way too high, nonetheless, she’s very effective. She felt mainstream as against to Paulo Avelino’s genuine indie feels. As clueless and confused as his character, Paulo managed to appear reluctant and naïve. Together with Dominic Roco, he made a way to strengthen the bond of this trio that could make the audience wish they have the same squad. Maja and Paulo made a good pair not just because they both look good but their chemistry is overflowing.

The music is the is the best thing about this movie. It’s chilling and — yea, very hipster. It has a subtle message as if the songs are talking to you. Kudos to all the musician involved in the film. This just echoed the cry of our talented indie bands and the overwhelming yet undiscovered talent that they have. I hope we get to see more of these acts. The cinematography is fine, although I thought they would take advantage of the vast sea of La Union but nevertheless, the phasing and the fast forwards and the little video snippets from Dio’s camera is beautiful.

The ending is to be mentioned. I like the idea that the climax made everyone awkward and heartbroken but as the end goes near, there’s a relaxing feels about embracing the truth and choosing to value the friendship over the hurts that could break everything apart. I love how natural it feels. It’s as raw as it looks like. People who’ve been in that situation would relate on how difficult it could be but this movie is a reflection of letting go by acceptance. Just as they finally graduated in their 7-year stay in college, they as well, found a way to let go of their fear of the future. It made me smile, hence, rating I’m Drunk, I Love You with 4/5

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