im gonna remember every moment. i dont care if everybody forgets. i will remember these moments cause these moments will someday be just another story to a child and i want that child to wonder how great it was being at that moment with someone like you at that place at that time. i want that child to feel how happy i was that i chose the path that lead me to you. i want everyone who would hear this story to be at that moment as i tell them our story. with everything that had happened, i wish i could remember all. it is the only legacy i want to leave. those glorious moments that someday might be done better by someone else but it will always be different because i remember.
how i wish everybody met, knew, and had talk to you. i want them to feel how splendid it was being with you. how marvelous it was being your friend. and this will last longer than its supposed to be. i will remember you. i will remember as long as i could notwithstanding that nobody cares. i will remember. this is the best thing about memoirs, the world perish, but it doesnt, it wont, it cant as long as i can remember. for now, i will seize the moment and remember it.

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