“I love you” you said
And you tell it to me every day.
Every single day. 
So that I can forget all the pain.
You hate the things that hurt me
You’re doing everything to take them away.
It could be done. 
But I won’t let you.
I always choose the pain over you.
And I’m sorry.

Your blood was spilled
Your body was bruised
Your hands were nailed
Your head carried thorns
Your feet bled
Your side was stabbed
Yet You prayed for me.

Your cross stand up high
I look at You
But I didn’t see You
I always forget
I always neglect
The love You gave
The love You carry
The love You died for.

You loved me at my worst
Loved me at my best
Yet I chose to break your heart

And I’m sorry.
And I surrender.
And I lay it all down.
And in this moment

I’m taking hold of Your love.
Taking it and expanding it.
From this moment,
You are my Lord!

The hammer that locked up nails in Your hands
is the same hammer that broke my chains.
You’ve overcome.
You’re risen.
And You’re taking me with You.
To the way everlasting,
To a great purpose,
To the ends of the world.