When God gives you Chicken Pox Instead of Chicken Joy

When God gives you Chicken Pox instead of Chicken Joy

Takot na takot ako magkaroon ng Chicken Pox. If I knew someone who had it, ginagawa ko lahat ng paraan para maiwasan sila. Until last year, nagkaroon ako ng bulutong tubig.

Mataas na lagnat, makati at mahapding balat, nanghihinang katawan. Sobrang hirap. There is no one who can help me do my stuffs kase takot din mahawa ang mga kasama ko sa bahay. I was asking God kung bakit ako pa and bakit ngayon pa. And in the midst of those tearful nights kung saan nakakulong lang ako sa kwarto, I found security knowing that God won’t allow this to happen kung wala Syang bigger plans. I found peace knowing that Christ is my healer.

And just like my experience with the Chicken Pox, I realized that our struggles and pains are happening because God wants to use them as a testimony to others. One day, we’ll meet someone who’s struggling with the same issues that we had. We can show them our scars and help them realize that they are not the only one struggling with it. We can show them our scars and help them see that it is not a hopeless case. We can show them our scars and help them find the healing we found in Jesus Christ.

And sometimes, that is what people need to know. Na hindi sila nag iisa, na may pag asa pa. They need to feel that in spite of their bad experiences and terrible past, they are not judged and that they are welcome. Yan ang ginawa ni Jesus, He ate with sinners and leapers. He invited us to come as we are and that experience of love fueled us to live a life like never before. A healed life. A changed life.

God’s healing is not just for us. It transcends to the people around us. God is using your test to become a testimony. Your scar can change a life.

I’m still wearing my Chicken Pox scars in my face but when I met someone who has it, wala nang dahilan para umiwas ako sa kanila. Wala nang dahilan para matakot. I could serve them in a close distance kase I know na yun ang kailangan nila.

When Jesus heard this, he told them, “Healthy people don’t need a doctor — sick people do. I have come to call not those who think they are righteous, but those who know they are sinners.” Mark 2:17

Let’s stop running away from people. Go and tell you story. Share your life. Bring healing, bring Jesus to their lives.

To all the people who has shown their scars to me.