Facebook engagement is on the slide for Brands and Publishers.

We have know for years and years that the Facebook algorithm turned Facebook into a pay to play site but what is interesting is that engagement from brand pages and posts has continued to drop in 1017, down a further 20%.

So the question is why?

Possibly less engagment because users are leaving Facebook. We have seen reports for example that Facebook is losing members to Snapchat. But probably the real reason that engagement is down is that profits are up, way up.

Let me explain

The more advertising, the more content. We have a limit on what we can see due to the algorithm. So more advertising dollars spent equals more content hitting your feed pushing out what you really wnat to be seeing. The drop in enagement for paying users just comers down to more more competion.

Let me know what you think of this drop in engagement. I gave up on brand pages many moons ago ;-)

This article first appeared on Steemit