Google Index Search Tricks — How to get indexed fast

How to get google to index your site

Here are some very quick how to tricks to get Google to index your site super fast. The last thing you want when you create an article is to have it sitting and not working for you. And it is not really working for you until it is indexed and visible in the SERPS because that is when it is available to the world. So how do you get search engines to crawl and index your site and articles fast.

Google Index Search Tricks — How to get indexed fast

On Page SEO

Make sure your article or site is SEO friendly. Use Htags 1–3. Incorporate images with alt image text. Implement internal backlinking. Link out to sources of authority. Turn all the little green dots on your SEO plugin green so that your ready for when Google crawls your page.

Publish your article and social share

I’m hoping your very active on Social Media. You should have a Facebook, a Twitter, you should be using Instagram and Pinterest. The more social outlets you have the better. The social sharing process is simple if you are using Google Chrome and have added all your socials as buttons to the top of the page. Just like this.

My Google Chrome Browser with social buttons — Google Index Search Tricks — How to get indexed fast

Ping your newly published article or site

Pinging is covered if you are using Wordpress. But if you are blogging on Medium for example then its a good idea to ping your newly published article. Two great ping sites are IndexKings and PingFarm

How This Works
PingFarm is a service which notifies Search Engines that your blog or website has been updated.


ViralContentBee is a MUST site to implement into your strategy to get Google to index your site. ViralContentBee takes your social sharing and pretty much organically automates your social shares (if that’s possible ;-) )You can read more about ViralContentBee here How To Make Your Blogs Go Viral

Blog about your blogs and build backlinks

It has long been an Infobunny strategy to back up articles with shorter cutd-own articles or variations of our articles using different keywords and keyword phrases and then linking back into the main article on Infobunny. We do this to tell Google which article is the most important and which should be ranked higher. The idea for us is not to beat what we create on Infobunny but to give it more authority so we link into it as the authority on the subject. Creating cut-down articles on blogging socials opens your content up to a much bigger audience and provides click through opportunities for your main site.

That is just about it.. hope you have found this article useful

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For my number 1 Tip to get Google to index your site fast then checkout this article over on Infobunny How to get Google to crawl your site fast