challenge first round recap

The first round of ended at May 4th, (UTC/GMT-5 0:00AM).

The second round of the trading challenge will be hold during May 5th — May 19th, (UTC/GMT-5 0:00AM).

The two best traders of the first round are:0xb285Add309A0AB24AE9f3F515163ee784bAcF5BA from daily markets with profit of +24.5835 Ether

0x6d18aCe28725854eF6E03C8E8C2d005B9de7d61A from weekly market with profit of +38.3333 Ether

The most active traders on the two markets are both 0x122fdC5c046968C64F6d39B1fD3A70f1B34081ee

The above winners shall claim their reward by filling the form here, reward will be paid out once we get your main network address. If you had any issues, please contact

Some statistics from the first round:

  • 900 contracts created
  • 2100 Ether in volume
  • 100 active users

For the second round, all participants are eligible to apply for additional 300 Ropsten network Ethers. As always, you are also free to use your own Ropsten Ethers. The rules are the same as the first round except additional winners from monthly market and reward for every active user:

  • 3 best traders, each will get 0.5 Bitcoin in Ether
  • 3 active traders, each will get 100 USD in Ether
  • All users with more than 10 activities will get 10 USD in Ether

As some you might have noticed, we kept improving our UI and backend service. The bug bounty program is for you to report contract bugs, UI mistakes or any suggestions. We will provide up to 10 Ether for issues reported there.

Wishing you DEx to the top!