How to love a fat person.
Your Fat Friend

This borders on superiority versus inferiority ageing battle. OK I believe the societal parlance, stance and conceptions, make us want to do exactly what we need wanted to do. It’s crazy how I love someone and feel that my love is lower than another’s just because I love something that is not of the society’s good books. Society here means popular opinions, which always, are not the right opinions.

You love a song, and you are meant to accept that it’s for the low class and the ‘untrendy’ ones. Thanks to the person who popularized the use of the word ‘weird’ as a substitute for someone and something that doesn’t fall in place, in the obviously nocturnally inclined view of the public. Though they see at night, they are usually clouded by the mists of ignorance and haphazard personal philosophy.

This is a sturdy study on stereotypes and one group of people fuel the embers of stereotypical aphorisms. These are the ignorant ones.

So when they tell you.... You love her and she fat like that.... Just ask them.... ‘is the fat yours?’ are you the one that will be rumbling in bed with her?

When they tell you that you into supposed to love with that girl.... She too low class.... It’s simple and answer .... I mean... Is the movement yours?

These people usually cloth their frail and blurry colors of inferiority with a shade of pre-empted attacks on what they perceive are greater than them.

The earlier people know that the great guys don’t believe they are great, the Bette for us.

I have said nothing.... But I believe I have said enough.

You are beautiful my love!

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