Letter of Intent — Deyse Kely Pereira de Vasconcelos

Call me Deyse Kely Pereira de Vasconcelos. I was born on May 16, 1996, in the city of Paudalho, Pernambuco. I am the daughter of Luzimar Pereira da Silva Vasconcelos and Cleidinaldo Pereira de Vasconcelos. I have one sister My sisters name is Priscila Rafaela Pereira de Vasconcelos. She is twenty-six years old. My family lives in Aliança. A little town in Pernambuco where I spent my childhood. Currently I live in Recife, I have shared apartment with other students since graduation. I work at Lojas Americanas at Shopping Plaza as Trainee Commercial Manager.

My family and I in my Graduation, 2018 (Mother, Dad, Grandma and Uncle)

The biggest achievement of my life was to win a scholarship exchange at the age of 16. In which I was able to go to Canada to study a semester through a selection of the Win the World Program. Program of the government of the state of Pernambuco destined to students of the network state of education. A unique experience where I learned to be more responsible.

Mount Washington, British Columbia — CA, 2013

The biggest challenge I’ve overcome was coordinating an event for 200 university students from the UFPE — Federal University of Pernambuco. A case resolution event provided by market companies, counting in this issue with Grupo Moura and Ernst Young. In this I was able to develop a question of organization, negotiation and planning because the event (Desafio UFPE) was integrated to the UFPE in the Market 2016. Largest fair of internship and trainee program of the North and Northeast counting on about 10.000 university students.

Open House — Desafio UFPE, 2016

One characteristic that marks me is determination. I remember that in the selection of the Win the World program one of the stages was an English test. In which I tied with another person and several tie-breaking criteria were used such as age and other scores. And I managed to pass because they used the grade 8 math scores as a tiebreaker. At the time I remembered that when I was in the eighth grade of elementary school. I did a test in which I got a seven score and asked the teacher to take the test of recovery because I had studied very much and was able to get the maximum score. The teacher allowed and I got the desired score. It was something that made a difference in my high school. I am the daughter of a hairdresser and a worker in a sugar-alcohol plant. The first person to have a diploma in higher education from the family Pereira. Known as the girl who likes to travel and who does not measure efforts for what she wants. I always try to set goals for my life and I do my best to reach them.

In my free time I always look for TV shows, documentaries, read books and listen to songs in English as well I have fun, I also improve my foreign language proficiency. On weekends I like to travel, see some movie in the cine, went to the beach and visit my relatives. I also spend time updating myself on organizational management in order to meet the demand in the market where I work.

The financial area inspires me. In the undergraduate program I was able to participate in the Junior company movement at A.C.E Consultoria. Specialized in business management consulting. Recognized for excellence in project execution through awards such as the PEG — Excellence in Management Award and PQGP — Pernambuco Quality and Management Award. In it I was able to coordinate the financial area, from the preparation of budgets, contracts, investment plan, asset controls, cash, bank, accounts payable and receivable, to control of defaulters. Still in A.C.E. Consultoria I was able to teach a Financial Management course for students and micro and small businessmen. Very rewarding to teach and learn together about what finances is capable of doing in our lives.

Team of A.C.E. Consultoria, 2016

My purpose in life is to be able to achieve a high position within a company of great prestige in the market. Being able to coordinate and develop people with good results in the financial area. Besides with a good quality of life being able to give comfort to my family. Being remembered like the girl from the little town who conquered the world through positive impacts on people’s lives. Contributing to a better world!



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