Maria Novozhilova “In search for invisibility: Omiyamae Gymnasium by Jun Aoki”

マリア・ノボジロバ「目に見えないものを探し求めて — 青木淳による『大宮前体育館』」

ミラノ在住の建築家/リサーチャー、マリア・ノボジロバのブログより、青木淳による「大宮前体育館」に関する記事「In search for invisibility: Omiyamae Gymnasium by Jun Aoki」を翻訳して掲載します。


東京を拠点に活動する日本人建築家、青木淳は、どちらかといえばオブジェ的な建物の設計で有名である。いくつかの作品はエフェメラリティ — 刹那的であること — をテーマにしてはいるものの、それでもそれらのほとんどは視覚的にかなり目立つ。






By @NovozhilovaM

The Japanese architect based in Toyo Jun Aoki is famous, above all, with his rather an object-like buildings. Although some of his works explore the theme of ephemerality, however most of them are visually quite striking.

Saying that, his new work just completed in a small town near Tokyo (Suginami district) does search for invisibility. The huge volume of the covered sports hall Omiyamae Gymnasium is hidden. Approaching to the building, one sees only two ellipse-shaped one-floor structures. Lower than the surrounding city, tailored from small private houses, the newcomer does not step out at all. At least not for its architecture.

The volume of the sports hall is entirely veiled under the ground surface. Therefore the architect was able to leave the ground mostly un-built. In fact, it is the drop of density that strikes the most. From a compactly constructed residential neighborhood, the panorama suddenly transforms into an open air green plaza.

Once inside, the structure becomes clear, and the huge cube containing sports halls (swimming pool and sport courts) appears. Exposed concrete and metallic components combined with wooden pieces of furniture draw together bright and comfortable interior.

Yet there is a further surprise the building stores for its visitors. The roof of the main ellipse-shaped volume is designed as a park. Peaceful and green it appears in continuity with the rest of town.

The roof of the minor building instead hosts solar panels mitigated by greenery bushes. The use of renewable energy appears in fact to be a crucial factor within the building design strategy. Thus, this public facility is not onlyhumble but also (at least partially) self-sustainable. By @NovozhilovaM