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Aug 9, 2018 · 3 min read

The Difference between Earrings for Men and Women

The first earrings were worn by men. In the ancient world, they were symbols of power and prestige. In some tribes, they served as amulets against evil spirits. At different times, men’s earrings testified about a position of a person in society and his profession. Throughout their history, earrings have been at the peak of fashion and they’ve fallen to oblivion. Today men’s earrings have settled as one of the most popular jewelry pieces.

Men’s Earrings — what are They?

The main difference between men’s and women’s earrings is the brevity and restraint of their design. There are no strict restrictions but female earrings carry more fantasy, vivid, intricate, and sophisticated forms. The generally accepted canons of modern men’s fashion allow for a variety of ways of self-expression. However, even the most extraordinary and extravagant men prefer earrings with “male” themes.

What is the “Male” Form of Earrings?

An inexperienced female eye won’t probably immediately distinguish men’s earrings. After all, in general, the forms and types of men’s products coincide with women’s ones. For example, studs with a crystal or other inset or small hoops look almost the same as earrings for ladies. However, if you try on such jewelry, you will immediately feel that something is off. Such ornaments will feel rougher, they are more massive, simpler; there are no usual smooth curves.

Now earrings for men bear a number of signs:

• clear geometric shapes;

• they often have an increased caste (a base for an insert);

• massiveness;

• the absence of decorative elements.

The inserts (stones or crystals) are often made with sharp edges or a large cut (small number of faces), or vice versa, in the form of a flat cabochon of opaque color. Jewelers usually prefer to sink small stones into the metal so that you don’t see fastenings.

When decorating male earrings, instead of smooth shapes, jewelers tend to use straight or broken lines, strips, and prints.

The color of products is usually discreet — white gold, platinum, or quite often jewelry steel, which has the soft cold shade. Sometimes jewelers use combinations of different colors, but they rarely combine more than two metals. In this case, they normally don’t add any other decorative elements (for example, a stone).

The main motifs of male earrings are skulls, lizards, crosses, spikes, and so on. Such pieces sometimes resemble jewelry popular among subcultures. For instance, skulls are often to be seen in, rockers, Goths, and bikers earrings. By the way, if you are looking for such jewelry you should check out. Here you will find a vast selection of male earrings with distinctive and magnetic designs.

Unisex Earrings for Men and Women

In addition to pronounced male earrings, the jewelry industry offers a wide variety of so-called unisex ornaments. These are hoop earrings of different diameters and widths, as well as studs. The latter can be made of solid metal or have inserts of diamonds, cubic zirconium or gems of dark colors. Such earrings can be worn by both women and men. However, ladies have to be careful because this style is not for everyone. Unisex jewelry still looks more male than female.

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