Adam Zeiner
Feb 1, 2019 · 1 min read

As an interaction designer i avoid adobe tools at all costs.
I use Sketch or Figma for sketching and any number of prototyping tools as needed depending on what artifact i’m trying to produce.
There are analog tools available for every tool Adobe has, that are typically cheaper than adobe suite licenses.
I know a lot of people who produce printed materials still use Adobe tools, but for any prototyping or UI work I never use Adobe tools.
Sketch offers prototyping in tool now and Invision is really bulking up their suite of tools.
Framer is making great strides in the design<>dev space with Framer X, and new tools pop up every week (hey Modulz).
I’m also very skeptical of 1 tool ever reigning supreme again like Adobe was accustomed to.
I think Adobe’s Suite mentality will continue to impede it taking back over the market.
I have an assumption that many experience designers who came up having to use adobe tools for software work will still be averse to going back to adobe.
Their auto-animate functionality is something I can do in Principle or Flinto, both tools are much cheaper.
Again Adobe’s pricing model is a barrier.
I’m also curious how XD and Adobe in general will handle file management and version control along with team collaboration on files — seems they hint at catching up with competitors in their december release but Sketch + Abstract was a game changer for me.
Also… Game Engines.

Adam Zeiner

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designer, organizer, and facilitator focused on systems, applying futures-thinking, information architecture, visualization, tech-based arts; online @

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