Who are CAZ eSports? Interview with jakem

CAZ eSports is a recently picked up team in the United Kingdom who are starting to compete at an international level, you might have seen an upset from them recently, and be curious as to who they are, here you go:

First and foremost, thanks for the opportunity to interview you. I’m pretty excited to chat with you and get some insider info on what’s going on with CAZ eSports and where you guys are headed/expecting from the near future.
Obviously you’re no newcomer to counter strike, can you give me a run-down of how and when it all got started for you? At what point did you go from just playing with friends to starting to play with other people who were really good, and then competing at the highest level?
Started a very long time ago when I saw my neighbor playing counter strike, I think it was 1.6, I didn’t really have a clue about games in general back then. He had a spare copy of the game that i used and we all started playing together. Loads of my friends at school played it and I was by far the worst, so I played a lot to improve. Not before long I started to become better than them and my friend told me about LAN’s and the competitive side of the game. I went to Multiplay’s i31, didn’t get out of groups and have been hooked ever since.
How long have your current 5 been together for? Looking at your achievement page, it seems like you, spuds, and reazn have played together in the past. Have the others?
We have played together for a while now me, Joee, spudz , reazn have played together since last September in ESEA but nothing too serious until a few months ago when we decided to start practicing and playing more online competitions .
What would you say are your goals as a team in the near future? Are you trying to qualify for specific tournaments? Any outside of the UK?
We will be attending the UK LANS in the summer but at the moment are main goal is to make some form of impact in the Euro scene and to just start getting some decent results against euro teams and eventually get ourselves to a EURO LAN. Ambitious goals but who knows!
In terms of your team’s style, can you give me the run-down of who the shot caller is, if you have a dedicated awper, entry fragger, strategist? How often do you guys practice with the same 5? What types of teams do you guys practice against? Do you use the famous GTR secret Facebook group to find scrims?
I am the “shot caller” of the team and most of the strategies are created by myself and REAZN. SPUdz is our dedicated AWPer, Joee is our entry fragger, REAZN plays the “lurker” role and finally mole plays an all-round semi-support player role. We are in the original GTR facebook group however they have all moved on to another group now so and no top teams actually post in it anymore, so the new group is definitely where we want to be eventually.
Imagine a hypothetical situation, you guys are playing against Penta next week, it’s a bo1 on de_inferno. What is your first order of business in preparing for it? Will you guys look at their recent inferno demos? See their pistol round strats? Will you build a default around their default? Or just focus on your own and note their rotations/timings? I’m genuinely interested in knowing how much work goes into the enemy team’s style.
Watching demos is very important and if we have the time we will always look to check on our opponents. It’s good to have a general understanding on how teams play and I would say we would often change our pistol rounds to copy what we think the team are going to do but at the same time you still need to play your own game as anti-stratting can sometime cause issues and you solely focus on what you have seen in the demo as opposed to what’s happening in the game.
As for team rivalries, many people put you guys in the top1–2 UK teams, right by fm-eSports. Would you consider them your biggest rivals? Or are there other teams you guys feel take that spot?
The UK currently has 4 other fairly decent teams with potential; Team-Infused, Team-Xenex and Rasta-Gaming. However I would agree and say fm-eSports for me would be our biggest rivals and the team to beat for sure!
What is it like being part of an eSports org in the UK? Do you guys feel like you can play CS full-time comfortably? Or do some of you only have the time to do it part-time? Do you think that separates the best teams in the world from the lower tier ones? Amount of time invested/money invested in the squads?
The eSports orgs in the UK are very good and CAZ eSports is definitely one of the best organizations I have represented, but CS is unfortunately part time for everyone in the team. We have 2 People in final year university, 2 working full time and one guy who has just started University. Ideally we would love to be able to play full time on a salary but for the UK it just isn’t a reality at the moment. A team that can play 24/7 to a team who can play 3–4 times a week from 6–11 it’s always going to cause a skill gap. Trying to balance all this with a social life makes catching up to all the top teams a lot harder.
Any final words?
Big shout out to our managers over at CAZ eSports for the support. If you want stay up to date with the team give me a follow on twitter at www.twitter.com/jakemcsgo :D .

hope you enjoyed the read, I can see very good things coming from this team as they get more matches in on the european circuit.

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