“Locker Room Talk” — An Apology for Donald Trump
Kimati A. Ramsey

Kimati, I appreciate your words. Uplifting and yet makes me feel a bit sullen. You see, I’ve seen all angles and I can say I must offer up a few apologies as well. I cannot attest to doing anything in your apology list, but I have created a bit of collateral damage with females in my evolution — even if they consented. I must add, apologies are like picked flowers. They’re beautiful, are symbolic, but soon wither away. And if you lead a life that is conducive to maintaining good karma and spirit, then apologies are unecessary. Especially when you are apologizing for the acts of other men. Instead of apologizing to women, lay your hammer into your brethren — as Billy Bush should’ve dropped his hammer in Trump on that tour bus, or as any man should set straight the callous of his enemies as well as his compatriots. March on brother to the beat of your own drum, and let those who need to apologize learn that not only do they need to regret their actions, but also need to get to the genesis of their actions to personally slay the demons that led them to that place of indignation. When they can accept why and how they got to that place, and can forgive themselves first, then there would be no reason to apologize for they would never perpetrate such acts. We all need to get to the root of our decisions — be they good or bad so we can truly know ourselves. Once again thank you and I look forward to more. Peace.

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