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I have also been teaching my young kids how to play chess, which has been both rewarding and challenging! I am attempting to both honor their great-great grandfather (who taught me the game) and develop their cognitive skills.

I differ a little from you philosophically, as I don’t allow them beat me (there are plenty of other games that I have no problem throwing, but this isn’t one of them). I do ease back and allow them to compete and give them “take backs” on bad moves, explaining why the move was ill advised. Some day they will both be beating me regularly, but when they do, it will be earned.

I used to play a great deal as a child and teen, but lost touch with chess for a few decades, only playing a game here or there if the opportunity arose. I recently started playing online against players from around the world via a phone app, and it has reawakened my interest. I will never be as good as I once was because I don’t have the time to focus on a move for long duration, but by reacquainting myself with the game, I feel like I have recaptured an intellectual dimension that has been missing from my life for years!

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