Charity, learning and be great !

Being kind person is so easy. We just do what we should do for others. What they need, we can do for them. It will make them happy and when we see they happy so we will happy too. I feel it when I decide to be kind person. I know I am haven’t long life so I think I should do something for this world and the human. Started with giving charity. Giving charity is not only with money or priceful things that you have, but also you can use your energy to do something for them. For example you teaching for poor children and give education for them without salary. The children will be so happy if you teach them. This also can make them smart and can change the world. I am also doing this. I see the young generation here is bad and broken. I try to make better the young generation starting by teaching children. I teach them something good and I also teach Quran.

If you are a christians or from another religion, so you can teach them basicly from your religion. Because religion always teach something good to us and can guide us to get good life.

Teaching to children is a small act but it has big impact. One of big impacs is you participated to make smart the new generation and it will safe the world. By learning, children can be smart and can change the world to be better world. They also can have better life. Because they learning and applying what they learn to their life. This is a great act that we should do.

Not only teaching, you also can giving charity by giving what needy person need. For example you give second clothes to poor person that haven’t money for buying new clothes. Maybe you all will thinking that in this era is no one poor person. But if you see around the world, there are so much poor people that need our help. So, let’s give charity start today and safe the world !

Be great and keep inspiring !
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