A Decision that ruins lives.

My uncle is a loving and caring man always has been he was in a very bad car accident he rolled his car drinking and driving this was his very first car accident caused by drinking and driving. He got a big head decided he was okay to drive like that he ruined his life it only takes one wrong decision . Pins in his hips and having to relearn to walk didn’t help get it through his head at all.

In the moment people don’t realize how wrong that decision can go. They dont realize it could get you or someone you love laid out on a slab waiting for a family member to say yes that’s him/her with tears in their eyes as they grieve. Its complete and utter hell just waiting for that call saying I’m sorry Dez he did it again this time he didn’t make it. My uncle has been in more drinking and driving accidents than I can count on my two hands and let’s not mention the DUIs. Also some people talk like drinking and driving is no big deal do you not realize you can kill someone. Or excuses they are wonderful its not my fault the alcohol made me do it the alcohol doesnt have a brain it cant pour it down your throat. Just like a gun doesnt kill people people kill people. It’s kinda like the thing my parents use to tell me as a child if I got in trouble and I said so and so told me to. If so and so told you to jump off a bridge would you do it just because they said so.


-Tough love from dezzy-

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