Blockchain industry sky-high price domain name was exposed , Price to 20 million RMB ( Over 3 million US dollars )

Recently, we purchased the domain name for 20 million RMB(Over 3 million US dollars), won a first on the domain name transactions in the blockchain industry.

Before this, blockchain industry domain name top three including:

1), which was sold in October 2017 for 2 million US dollars ( over 13 millions RMB)

2), which was sold in October 2014 for 1.1 million US dollars (6.8 million RMB )

3), which was purchased by a group of investors for 1 billion US dollars ( 111pcs BTC) at the 2018 Consensus Conference.

In addition, domain name transactions in the blockchain industry in 2018 are also very frequent.

Jan. 11th, Taiwanese terminals spent 2.1 million RMB to win the domain name, and the terminal immediately established the domain name as a global block chain digital currency trading platform.

Jan. 23th, Mike Mann sold out the domain name, the domain name has the meaning of “ encrypted world”, and the domain name buyer is blockchain digital assets trading platform of Binance.

Jan. 29th, Huoxun Finance won the double-domain name domain name with millions RMB high price, Huoxun Finance is “the hottest blockchain information” website.

March 15th, an English domain name was sold at a price of 75,000 RMB(about 11538 USD dollars). Currently, its new holder is “deng xiao chun”. The domain name is a combination of binance and chain. With the meaning of “coin chain”, it is very suitable for building a blockchain-related platform, and corresponds to the current world-famous blockchain asset trading platform. (Binance).

On the evening of March 13th, the Binance Chain was online by the Binance. On March 15th, was bought. we wonder if the buyer is a related person from Binance. If it is not, It is necessary to buy back this domain name when Binance needs to be transformed into a community, which is a considerable transaction fee.

The hot market of industry domain name means that the capital market has blessed the industry. We purchased the domain name for 20 million RMB(Over 3 million US dollars), which not only shows our confidence in the upcoming blockchain business, but also hopes investors and users to understand the strong industry resources and strong financial reserves behind us, we will bring more surprises to the blockchain industry in the future, and the changes brought about by the surprises will be subversive.

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