Decentralized Football Academy (DFA), A Charitable Football/Soccer Academy

Decentralized Football Academy
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Decentralized Football Academy (DFA) is a blockchain-based charitable football academy, located in Lagos, Nigeria 🇳🇬.

We believe in the principles of hard work, dedication, teamwork, and vision. Decentralized Football Academy is comprised of a youthful team, fueled by a passion for success and set an example for their peers.

Decentralized Football Academy (DFA) Footballers
Decentralized Football Academy (DFA) Footballers
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DFA started by utilizing the DPOS platform Hive Blockchain and other platforms such as LBRY for earning rewards, by posting Team training activities, News, Soccer Drills, and Crypto-related topics. Andre Gray Football Coaching Academy (AGFA) inspired the creation of the Decentralized Football Academy in 2018.

DFA joined the Grape Protocol Community in 2021 and Mr. Papa Dean announced their sponsorship in June 2021 for the charitable football academy. The support has added a great impact to the academy and has led DFA to delve into the Solana blockchain gaming world, thanks to Mr. Barndog for the initiative and support, and thanks to the STEPN Team for giving us the chance to explore their beautiful gaming app by donating Sneaker NFTs to DFA Team. The first game DFA has explored is the run-2-earn mobile app STEPN built on the Solana blockchain. The Grape Protocol has been the best blockchain to have ever happened to Decentralized Football Academy. The Grape Protocol is a blessing to DFA!

Brief List of Achievements:

  • Introducing Steem, Oracle-D, and AGFACADEMY to Young Footballers [January 2019]; Blog Post
  • Presentation on MSP-Waves Radio [February 2019]; Blog Post
Feedback from Gray!
  • Newly Purchased Football and Testimonies [March 2019]; Blog Post
  • Introduction of a new Head Coach [Feb 28, 2019]; Blog Post
  • New Gear for DFA [Mar 11, 2019]; Blog Post
  • In-House Competition with a Gift [Mar 24, 2019]; Blog Post
  • DFA unveil Jerseys with New Gear [June 14, 2019]; Blog Post
  • DFA’s fan invested in Steem [October 2019]; Blog Post
  • Donation of 1000 Nobel tokens and 25 Steem to GloriousKids [October 2019]; Blog Post
  • Free Footballs and Training Shorts for DFA footballers [October 26, 2019]; Blog Post
  • Decentralized Football Academy Emerges Second Position at Awoyaya, A Day Competition [December 14, 2019]; Blog Post
  • DFA is One Year Old 🎊 [December 23, 2019]; Blog Post and Celebration Post
  • DFA joined Hive after Steem was sold out by Ned to Justin Sun [April 18, 2020]; Blog Post
  • DFA joined LBRY [May 3, 2020]; Blog Post
  • DFA Start Giveaway Initiative/Airdrop [June 11, 2020]; Blog Post
  • Gift for DFA Team [Sept 10, 2020]; Blog Post
  • Newly Acquired Training Jersey with Hive Logo and Coach Registration [Dec 15, 2020]; Blog Post
  • DFA is Two Years Old 🎊🎊 [December 23, 2020]
  • DFA Become Champions 🏆[May 2021]; Blog Post
  • What is Great Ape (GRAPE) [June 2021]; Video
  • The Grape Protocol announced sponsorship for DFA [June 2021]; Blog Post
  • DFA manager at Epe Recreation Center, Lagos for Coaches Inter-Council Friendly Match and Meet up [June 2021]; Blog Post
  • Gear Donation from Grape Protocol [August 2021]; Blog Post
  • Unveiling of Gear Donation by Grape Protocol [September 2021]; Blog Post
  • Freebies in Training [October 2021]; Blog Post
  • Comments on DFA [November 2021]; Blog Post
  • First Gaming Gadgets by Grape Protocol (phone, power bank, memory card) [December 2021]; Video
  • DFA is Three Years Old 🎊🎊🎊 [December 23, 2021]; Blog Post
  • End of the Year Party Celebration [December 2021]; Blog Post
  • What is STEPN [January 2022]; Video
  • 5K USDC Grants for DFA by Papa Dean of Grape Protocol [January 2022]; Video
  • Gaming gadgets (5 phones, armbands, memory cards...) [February 2022]; Video
  • Sneaker NFTs by STEPN [February 2022]; Blog Post
  • Saturday Soccer Training [February 2022]; Video
  • The Grape Protocol Impact on DFA [May 2022]; Blog Post
  • DFA visit CBIS [December 2022]; Blog Post
  • DFA Fourth Birthday 🎊🎊🎊🎊 [December 23, 2022]; Blog Post

There is a whole lot of stuff happening at DFA, to keep yourself updated, please check our Social Handles and Blogs regularly, thank you ♥

Andre Gray is amazed by the innovation and hard work we put into this that he gives us a follow on Instagram.

ƊFA Goals and Plans:

  • Provide the team members of DFA with full football kits/gear (Jerseys, Boots, Shin Guards, Hose, Nutritional accommodations…)
  • Support DFA boys morally and academically.
  • Instructing and educating the team on fundamental aspects of the game, not only the aspects of football; but also the principles of unity, teamwork, and perseverance toward their goals.
  • Teaching the team Information & Technology (Internet, Blockchain, etc.)
  • Lead the boys to their targets as professional footballers.

We say a very big thank you to all our supporters and fans, without you, none of this will have been achieved. You are highly appreciated!

Check Out Our Training and Drills!

For any inquiry or contribution to Decentralized Football Academy, please reach us with the E-MAIL: or Discord: dfacademy#0704


If you find our football academy worth supporting, please consider donating to us with:

Bitcoin (BTC): 1bd47znk5hpB6mBTvVpocWRAkUATaYDaY

0x Address (ETH/BSC/FTM…): 0x755025fd8561Bb8E2f0D107061ff6aB2f5e87599

Solana (SOL): 4MHSs5rcig4fNEc5jFFyQap1mvXjqwoCCAYgwKND66Fj

Thank you very much as you help us build our dreams, put a smile on the boys, and motivate us. Karma is real, God Bless You!

Thanks for your support 🙏💙💜💛🙇

We won’t let you down!!!

📡 The Future is Decentralized!📡

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Decentralized Football Academy

A charitable football/soccer academy leveraging blockchain technology