5 Easy Mobile Storytelling Tips

The medium, as they say, is the message. And for as much as we can say and do with mobile, it is surprising how many are failing to capitalize on this new medium. It is faster than ever to create powerful stories in real-time that are rich with videos, audio and the power of the word. Here are some tips I have learned to make your mobile stories awesome:

1. Location, Location, Location

The power of the phone is that you can tell a story from anywhere. Let that be known. Make sure you are marking your location. I have had people contact me just because of locations (“Dude, you’re in Palo Alto right now?”). Your network cares where you are — it also lends credibility to the story you are telling. Telling a story about politics while you are at a campaign event (hyperlocal) gives you an instant expertise no matter who is getting your story.

2. Easy on the Text

OK. You’re a writer. We get it. And that’s great. Use those skills to stick to the point. Be succinct. Don’t write long blocks of text. Writing on mobile is susceptible to typos (thanks auto-correct!), and reading on mobile is less than ideal. Use bullet points, lists and paragraph breaks to break up longer blocks so they are scannable. Words are good, just use them wisely.

3. Keep Your Videos Short

Videos are a key element to telling stories, but people tend to drop off.

Image courtesy Wistia.

4. Don’t Forget Audio

Audio is probably the most under-utilized of the media available on smartphones. Video: check. Photos: check. Audio: ? But audio is a great tool because the user can play and doesn’t have to stick around, which is to say they can look at your pics, read your text and browse around your story WHILE they listen to the audio playing in the background. Not a lot of platforms utilize audio, however, so it will be important to jump to #5

5. Use the Right Platform

It is important that you are telling the right story using the right medium. If you have a simple message to get out: twitter. If you have a photo to show off: Instagram. If you want to make something to share with people in the now: Snapchat. If you want to tell a story live and not force people to download an app — or be able to show this story to people on your Web site: Evrybit. Never heard of that one? Well, have a look then. You won’t regret it.

Originally posted on linkedin.com.

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