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Rose & Dan Linn-Pearl at Exposure Cardiff

This week I had the pleasure of taking photos at the BBC Radio 3 Late Junction Exposure Cardiff concert in the Chapter Arts Centre. The concert featured Dan & Rose Linn-Pearl of Deaf Pictures, Mark Daman Thomas of Shape Records, and Jenn Kirby, Simon Kilshaw and Paul Hazel of The Swansea Laptop Orchestra. Check out the rest of my photos from the concert here.

In this week’s post: Chernobyl, filter SDK, self balancing bike, telepresence drivers, secret medieval city, HTTP2, PWA, machine learning, CES, happiness & The Luddites.

Each Friday I share some of the best things I encounter, from the internet mostly but also from real life! Hopefully what I find interesting will also be interesting to you :-)

Chernobyl Sarcophagus

Over twenty years in the making, a 35,000 tonne New Safe Confinement structure has been placed over the Chernobyl reactor. BBC Future tells the story and history of the cleanup.

Kansas Filter SDK

AOL’s Kansas have released an SDK to allow app developers to add Snapchat style filters and live streaming to mobile apps.

Self Balancing Honda

Honda have unveiled a self balancing motorbike at CES.

Instagram Top Nine

The story of how the developers of the Instagram Top Nine app launched their viral app with a $2000 marketing budget.

Nissan’s Tele-Drivers

Nissan are betting that part of the upcoming self-driving revolution will be a set of telepresence drivers waiting to remote control your car out of scenarios that the on-board AI can’t handle. Even as a piece of mind safety net, this service is/will be intriguing.

Secret Welsh Medieval City Discovered

The lost city of Trellech has been found by an amateur archeologist who bought the land on a hunch for £32,000.

How To Keep Track Of Software Architecture Decisions

This is an interesting post about how to keep track of software architecture decisions. The proposal is to use Architecture Design Records which are short, formatted and version controlled text files that track decision points along the way.

What Is HTTP2?

This is a handy explainer about what HTTP2 is and what it means for web developer, told using the metaphor of pizza.

PWA Frameworks

This Google Chrome Dev Summit Video takes you through a whirlwind tour of some of the frameworks available when developing Progressive Web Applications.

How To Land a Drone On A Moving Vehicle, Automatically

This research paper illustrates how an autonomous drone can land on a moving vehicle, with some modifications.

Machine Learning Roundup

I came across a lot of interesting articles on machine learning this week.

To start, here’s a great visual tutorial on the basics of neural networks.

This article shows us how Gilt use machine learning to classify dresses on their online platform. Further examples of classification are this article describing how to classify song genres and how David Brailovsky won a competition to classify traffic lights with deep learning.

In terms of resources, Deep Learning Gallery is a good collection of deep learning projects. You can now also implement Microsoft machine learning directly from SQL Server.

Learning to Code at 56

VM Vaughn published an inspirational post about how he has battled his own self narrative to change career, learn to code and career plan at 56 years old.

CES Review

Steven Sinofsky published a monster review of all the major products at CES this year.

Thought Of The Week: Mind Hacks On The Road To Happiness

This is an amazing post by Seth Godin on how Entitlement = Negativity Vs Gratitude = Road To Happiness. Another hack that I’ve been practising for the last 1.5 years and counting is not consuming news as much as possible. Here are 5 things that happen when you stop consuming news.

A History Of The Luddites

I’ve heard the saying but I never knew the broad strokes about who the Luddites were, and why we associated their name is synonymous with anti-technology. This is a great article about the history of the movement and compares the situation with the upcoming great robot job robbery (:-p). Turns out the Luddites were all about quality, equity and fair practices and not so much anti-technology.

Cool Thing Of The Week: Recursive Alexa

During a news story on San Diego TV about a young girl who told Alexa to order a dollhouse, the news anchor said “Alexa, ordered me a dollhouse”, causing viewer’s own Alexa devices to attempt to order dollhouses. Orders don’t complete without confirmation, but it’s still pretty funny :-)

See you next week :-)

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