Found This Week #55

Photo Of The Week

This week I attended the great Ensemble Entropy Concert #3 Solos / Duos in The Hundred Years Gallery in London. Check out my photos from the gig here, including the one above of the amazing double bassist Seth Bennett.

I also filmed the concert and I’m currently working my way through the footage. The first two videos can be viewed on my YouTube channel, including the one below of Jenn and Seth performing.

Towards Data Science & Innovation

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Thanks to you kind readers, both long terms ones and the new arrivals from Towards Data Science, Medium have bestowed on me the status of a Top Writer in Innovation!

Thanks so much everyone for reading! Here’s to many more weeks of interesting stuff from the internet :-)

In this week’s post: Drone video, domains, pop repetition, Marc Andreessen, FENG, Narwhals, Echo Show, Google VPS & Lens, 16 Qubits and MS Paint!

Each Friday I share some of the best things I encounter, from the internet mostly but also from real life! Hopefully what I find interesting will also be interesting to you :-)

Video Of The Week: A Trip To Dublin Bay

In Found This Week #54 I spoke about my trip to Dublin Bay with the drone. This week I got around to putting a short video together using the drone footage from my DJI Phantom 3 Standard, my Canon 70D and some awesome tunes from Simon Kilshaw.

The video includes the reverse touch and go take-off (or rather a jump and stop) during which I unwisely decided to put my hand into the propellors as they wound down to pick up the drone. My had still bares the scars :-p

Check out the wide pan out shot of Howth cliffs towards the end, I’m pretty chuffed with it :-)

Pop Repetition

Check out this excellent interactive visualisation site which analyses the repetition in pop music lyrics across the decades and identifies the artists that most repeat themselves…ella…ella…ella.

Marc Andreessen Podcast

The latest a16z podcast interview with co-founder Marc Andreessen is an interesting listen.

It covers Marc’s views on the latest tech trends and where the tech and innovation landscape is going in general.

Paper Thin Speaker

Scientists at Michigan State University have found a practical application for their ferroelectret nanogenerator (FENG) by turning a flag into a loudspeaker. The paper thin FENG can generate energy from motion and visa versa, can convert electrical energy to mechanical energy.

Narwhal Drone Footage

Researchers in Canada used drones to spot how Narwhals use their tusk to slap fish and stun them into being eaten.

Echo Show

Amazon released their Echo Show device this week, essentially an Echo with a screen, but that allows seamless video calls between devices. Here is a good opinion piece about what that means for home automation innovation on how the Echo Show is going to eat up the non-tech savvy segment of the market. (H/T to Philip Joyce for sharing this one).

Google VPS

Google announced their new Visual Positioning System (VPS) at Google I/O this week. Using the spatial tracking chip within Google Tango, VPS allows the user to pin-point their position indoors. Google have partnered with Lowe’s home improvement stores in the states to allow staff to use the system to navigate to the exact isle location of products within the stores.

Google Lens

Also at Google I/O, Google Lens was unveiled. It’s an AR app that lets you point your phone’s camera at a shopfront and other real world objects to view information about them.

VR & AR Landscape

This is a good wired interview of Clay Bavour, Google’s VP for AR & VR. In it he describes how “VR can put you anywhere; AR can bring anything to you.”. The article discusses the pace of the current VR & AR revolution and how we need to temper our expectations of wanting a holodeck right now.

MS Paint Virtuoso

This guy used MS Paint to illustrate his new book because he had used it for 10 years and didn’t want to spend the time learning photoshop. Zoom-in to see the insane pixel detail!

IBM 16 Qubit Quantum Cloud Computer

IBM have upgraded their cloud accessible quantum computer to 16 qubits. The original 5 qubit system equated to 32 traditional bits. The upgrade equates to 65,536 bits of processing power.

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