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Photo Of The Week

This week I got to photograph some great musicians during the NAWR #7 gig in the BBC Hall at Swansea Studios UWTSD. Performing on the night were Deaf Pictures, Bill Thompson, The British Space Group and Olivia Louvel. The photo above is of Olivia performing with her enthralling video projections. You can see the rest of my photos from the gig here.

In this week’s post: Object Recognition, UUIDs, Paperless, Brexit, heatmaps, Amazon, Radio Sci-fi, Autonomous helicopters, typos & alchemy!

Each Friday I share some of the best things I encounter, from the internet mostly but also from real life! Hopefully what I find interesting will also be interesting to you :-)

Google Tensorflow Object Recognition API

Google released a new Tensorflow API aimed at making object recognition in images easier.

Guide to Using UUIDs

This is a great overview post by Tom Harrison Jr on the advantages and disadvantages of using UUIDs as primary keys, including some forward planning migration advantages.

Going Paperless

I strive as much as possible to limit the amount of trees I kill while working. This is a nice piece by Evernote on how to go paperless (obviously including using Evernote :-p).

Brexit Is Brexit

Confused about the difference between a soft Brexit, a hard Brexit and a semi-hard Brexit? David McCandless is here to rescue us with this great Brexit visualisation. (HT to Mikael for sharing this).

Youtube 360 Heatmaps

Youtube now provides 360 video uploaders with heatmap analytics, allowing creators to track where watchers are looking most frequently in their 360 videos.

Amazon & Whole Foods

You may have heard that Amazon bought Whole Foods for 13 odd billion dollars this week. This is an excellent thought piece by Ben Thompson on the strategy behind the acquisition and the direction Amazon may want to go in. The key takeaway, Ben believes “Amazon’s goal is to take a cut of all economic activity”.

Retro Sci-Fi Radioplays

I was captivated for 30 minutes listening to one of these Philip K. Dick radio play adaptations. The humour mixed with the impending doom is fantastic.

Airbus Autonomous Helicopter

The Airbus autonomous helicopter has flown its maiden flight. The aircraft is capable of carrying a payload of 250kg and operating for at least 10 hours.

Cool Thing Of The Week: Little Alchemy

Little Alchemy is a addictive interactive web app that allows you to combine elements to create new ones. It doesn’t sound exciting but give it a go and see how many of the 560 elements you can create! :-)

See you next week :-)

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