Found This Week #63

Photo Of The Week

This week I attended the final WITCiH summer salon concert in the Barge House in London. I had the pleasure of photographing the four amazing female performers Rebekah Ubuntu, Bishi Bhattacharya, Jenn Kirby and Terry Tyldesley.

The photo above is of Bishi, who hosts and curates the great Women In Technology Creative Industries Hub (WITCiH).

Check out the rest of my photos from the gig here.

In this week’s post: Gesture tracking, statistics, fontgate, bio hard drive, modern GAA, rationality, TGV Vs Jet, Blockchain and spillways.

Each Friday I share some of the best things I encounter, from the internet mostly but also from real life! Hopefully what I find interesting will also be interesting to you :-)

ARKit Gesture Tracking

Clay is a SDK that allows hand tracking in mobile apps using the phone’s camera. Clay have updated their SDK upon the release of Apple’s ARKit to include integrated gesture tracking when using an iPhone as a VR headset.

Summary Statistics

This is a great short post and animated GIF about how summary statistics can hide meaning or result in information of different dimensions being lost in the downscaling.


The daughter of the Pakistan prime minister is under investigation for corruption as revealed by the Panama papers. Documents key in the defence of her case are dated from February 2006. The document however are written using the Calibri font, which wasn’t publicly released until January 2007.

Modern Ireland

This is a fantastic documentary by Maurice O’Brien and The Guardian documentaries about how the GAA in Ballyhaunis have embraced the influx of immigrants in the town in recent years and encourage children of every nationality to play hurling and football. A fantastic example of modern Ireland adapting, the anthesis of Brexit.

The Rationality Paradox

Another fantastic post by Seth Godin that cuts close to the bone. As much as we try to be rational, or try to rationally convince others on issues, we all run on an operating system of habits and embarrassment aversion. I think recognising the underlying expert system is the first step to changing it.

TGV Vs Dassault Rafale

Check out this crazy video below shot from a high speed TGV going 200mph being escorted by a Dassault Rafale jet above.


The possibilities of blockchain implementations are very exciting. This is a nice overview paper by Rachel O’Dwyer that looks describes how the latest ideas for using blockchain technology are playing out in companies at the moment. Ideas such as data monetisation and secure ledger based business may very well become every day vernacular like adwords and PayPal.

If you’re unsure of what the blockchain is and how it’s not just all about bitcoin (but may well be hampered by bitcoin’s somewhat bad rep), I recommend listening to this episode of the Tim Ferriss podcast on cryptocurrencies, which explains a lot of the underlying concepts. When you are done with that, check out this tweet storm by Naval Ravikant on how blockchain could revolutionise society.

Cool Thing Of The Week: Lake Spillway Drone Footage

The Berryessa lake in California has a spillway to stop the lake from over-filling. An unusual amount of rainfall led to a full lake and the spillway was called into action. Youtuber Evan K flew a drone over the spillway and caught some unreal footage of the water gushing through the hole in the lake.

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