Found This Week #93

Photo of the Week

This week I had the pleasure of photographing some artwork and scores belonging to Welsh music improvisor, composer and artist Rhodri Davies.

The subject matter included a box of broken harp strings from each of his harp performances since 2010.

You can check out my photographs of the rest of his material here.

In this week’s post: Maps, space, Intel Vaunt, drone videos, anti-human CAPTCHA, user management, facial recognition glasses, PWA and UI testing.

Each Friday I share some of the best things I encounter, from the internet mostly but also from real life! Hopefully what I find interesting will also be interesting to you :-)

Google Maps Inaccuracies

This is an interesting article about the differences between Google Maps in the U.S. and China. Border secrecy and inaccuracies appear to be government policy in China.


This week SpaceX launched a Falcon heavy rocket into space with a Tesla Roadster and Starman spacesuit payload. Check out the amazing video below of the Roadster with the Earth in the background.

Intel Vaunt

Intel have developed a smart glasses prototype called Vaunt which projects a line of text directly into the wearer’s eye.

LA Drone Film Festival

Here is a list of all the winners of the LA Drone Film Festival. The standout amazing video for me is of a FPV racing drone flying around and in a moving freight train. It’s worth watching until the end.

An Anti-Human CAPTCHA


Best Practices For User Account Management

12 principles from Google on how best to manage user, authorisation and password management.

Chinese Police Facial Recognition Glasses

Police in China are using facial recognition equipped glasses to identify suspects within crowds.

PWAs in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has released details of its support for PWAs in Edge and tips on how to publish to the Microsoft Store.

UI Testing Hacks

A great UI testing hack according to this article is to translate the text into a language you don’t know!

See you next week :-)

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